Under current conditions, the transport logistics has a very important role in supporting the speed of business. Correspondingly, more and more companies realize that without competence in planning a good distribution would lead to decreased customer service levels and profits.

Using the techniques of outsourcing to the transportation company is one strategy that aims to gain the type of transportation and transportation convenient and also improve savings through consolidated processes.

Established in 2003, Tristar Transindo offers ease of transportation of your products, so it will arrive on the destination on time, in good condition, and cost-efficient. Thus you can give a commitment to customers while reducing costs, improving service and to avoid delays and penalties due to delayed sender.

Since the beginning of 2023, Tristar Transindo has also served cement delivery through its subsidiary based in the Cileungsi-Bogor area, namely Turangga Tristar Transindo (TTT) with a fleet of flat deck trucks with a capacity of more than 30 tons.

The precautionary principle and accurate consideration is the cornerstone of our service to ensure that customer products are handled in a secure state on the way and arrive at the destination. We always ready to give our best service in the field of transportation.


Being one of the trusted and reliable company with quality and excellence service.

Offer the best services in the field of transport, in accordance with the needs of each business partner to improve efficiency and provide added value in the face of global competition.

Doing business innovations continuously to meet consumer expectations, even beyond.

Committed to sustainable business growth for customer satisfaction, employee welfare, the interests of shareholders and corporate social responsibility.


To ensure excellent services, Tristar has its own in house mechanic workshop. In which periodically do safety inspection of its fleets to avoid any delays in product conveyance and ensure products safety, minimizing any risks due to failure of the fleets.